Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet V

Hey y'all,

I just made a few character animations starring the young, energetic V, short for Vena. I must say that I've made to be quite the spunky, eleven year old girl. I got my inspiration for her from Hogarth from the Iron Giant and Coraline from Coraline, which are both fantastic films by the way. I definitely love using V as my subject for all my character animation exercises and it's always exciting to see my flat, dead character brought to life with a bit of personality and careful timing of her motions. I'm hoping that I could continue to work with her and possibly use her in one of my feature films someday. haha someday...

The first animation  is V's lipsync exercise. This is her first exposure to having a reaction with a dialogue.

The second animaton shown is V's weight exercise. I still need to add in the second part of the animation where she'll be throwing a baseball, so hopefully with enough time, I should be able to animate it and post that up soon. 

The third animaton shown is V's walk cycle with a panning background. The end is a little vague as of now, but it's V trying to scare off this little girl in the car by the object that she just picked up off the ground. The one thing that you gotta know about V is that she doesn't like it when people look down on her especially when it comes to her curiousity and creativity. She likes to be outspoken about her thoughts, but of course, she knows better to not to create a big scene about it.


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