Thursday, August 30, 2012

CDA sketches

I'm a little late posting these sketches up, but I was finally able to sit myself and just do it. 
Some of these were drawn at the Tigobo workshop and CDA. Hahah, I hope some of you guys can recognize who some of these people are ;)

Okay, maybe not this lady.
 She was the counselor who was running the Character Animation info session at Calarts.


Emily Dean on the left. 

Preston Do's head.

Jessie Greenberg and Melany Altuna

Rad Sechrist

Ian Abando

Sherwin Abesamis 

 Rod Roda

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lemon doodles

I am finally back at the Chi and I have been working on a mini-board to show what happened when I was trying to come back home. It's not finished yet, but I got side tracked into making these doodles. I've been checking out Rad Sechrist's "Plastic Walrus" photos and it inspired me to do some of my own doodles with value. I hope to be as good as him some day =)

The character's name is Lemon by the way.

I miss Cali...

I will go back...some day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Joo Hee Son Dancing Star!!

Hey y'all!

My mom and I are finally reunited and having a little week of exploring before I head back home to Chicago.
We got to meet up with our distant relatives from Korea who's visiting LA. I think...they're my 3rd cousins?? lol It gets pretty confusing to explain my family tree. We are just everywhere now. 

Okay, so there's this 11 year old girl and her name is Joo Hee, and man she is SO good at dancing. She can do all these sexy, cute moves while I...sadly can not....She was really excited to see my sketchbook and I told her that I would put her in my sketchbook too. She absolutely loved it and started to dance for me. And of course, I started draw her. 

Here's the size of the drawings, in case you were wondering. 
Now I'm off to Laguna for more people stalking and tanning. Aww yeaaa. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sketch-o-rama Drama!

Haha as you can see, I've done a lot of sketching, BUT this isn't all of them. I still got a lot more to show you guys, however, I'm coming across an issue of how to color these guys in. I've tried multiple ways and I think I might just go with the first one. It's simple and it gets the values down quick and easy.

haha I kinda went crazy and experimental on this one.