Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bike HW and no...this is not a RISD home test

So me and some of my story buddies have been inspired by Louie Del Carmen's wonderful skill to draw bikes to draw our own bike pieces. Stephanie made a spectacular one with a cool, flying bike. So here's mine. I listened to a lot of heavy metal today, which probably affected my thinking process lol. Wanted to do the bike in a cool angle and what better way to make a drawing than to make an action scene out of it. Also, since it's Halloween I thought this Zombie Apocalyptic World would be appropriate to go along with the theme.

What do you do when you only have a pan and a bike in a zombie apocalypse? 


This was actually the rough. By playing with the black and white, I was trying to see how my composition would look as a whole, and try to see if my image would read clearly. After that, I went ahead and did the outline and values. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Goodbyes and Hugs

Well, as most of you know, I have taken a gap year of RISD and will be studying at LA for the whole year. What am I doing? I am exploring new lands, conquering weaknesses, and battling with perserverence in order to master my skills as a board artist/animator/illustrator/chef/babysitter/ (basically everything). The last month was incredibly tiring. As a result I've gotten weird tiny bumps on my face, and I feel like I should be wearing a paper bag over my head, like so:

I think it might be the different air pressures that's messing up my skin's sensitivity. I've been traveling literally coast to coast, along the coast, into the mid-west and etc. Also, possibly stress? Lemme tell ya guys something...DON'T BRING OR BUY ALOT OF THINGS AT COLLEGE! It's not worth it. Packing and shipping all my stuff back home was a total nightmare. I never wanna do it...again.

Anywho, when I was at RISD, I had my last shibang with a lot of my dear RISDians. For those of you who I didn't get to meet, please know that I still hold a special place for you in my heart and always wish to see you again :) But of course, thank you to those who made my stay enjoyable and adventurous. Couldn't have been any better without you guys.

Now, I wanna make a special shout out to Jen and Libby. You guys went thru EVERYTHING with me. LOL I seriously don't know how I could've lived my life without knowing you guys. I could make a list of all my favorite moments, but that would take forever. Instead, I made a little drawing that kinda shows our relationship ;P

I miss you guys~

So after I came back to LA, I was fortunate enough to see my little cousins, Love and Luke, because we will no longer be living together. Poop. When I came back from the airport they were already sleeping, but the next morning...Oh man, it was the cutest thing. I woke up to see that Love was next to me on the computer, and right before I could say anything, Love and Luke pinned me down on the bed with their hugs. Haha, and honestly, nothing could've beat that warm, grand welcoming. 


I sure am blessed with some awesome people. PTL