Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Goblin School" Character Designs

These were from a character design class and our assignment was to design goblin characters. I thought it would be a fun twist to make a story of "Goblin School" where there's no set rules, and where bullies are free to roam and do whatever they please. The uglier, stronger and dumber, the better.

Heidrick, the smallest character is considered the "freak" of the school. He gets bullied and made fun of because of his abnormally high IQ and being proper. He only wishes that the school can be more orderly, and be accepting to changes.

Phil, the second guy, is one of Heidrick's bully. He likes to shove his finger into people's eyes, noses, ears, mouths and etc. He is also nosy and the "Gossip King", however, not all of his gossips are the truth. Actually...99% of them are lies.

Kona, the one with the club, is a girl goblin. She's an outcast from the school because of her strange remarks of how she wants a change in life, "a new direction of things". She got expelled for standing up for a minority, "a freak".

Vine, the skinny, tall one, is a new kid, but he doesn't quite fit in. He likes to dress really nice, but it is seen as something ridiculous and stupid in the eyes of other goblins. Out of all the other goblins, he's laid-back and sly. He always has tricks up his sleeves and likes to pull pranks on everyone, even the bullies. Vine is always up for a good show.

"Numb", is the big guy. Definitely not the brightest, if anything probably the dumbest goblin at school. All the goblins praise him as one of the top students because he's strong, intelligently incapable, and big. Numb communicates by grunting and pointing. Although he's a top student, he has no friends because of his sincerity and innocence. No one wants to hang out with a boring, loving goblin. He doesn't take much thought of it though. He just goes on with life as if it's supposed to be that way. Numb absolutely loves looking at pictures because it's the only way he feels connected, and show how he feels. One thing for sure is that he hates being called "dumb" hence his nick name "Numb".

Do you guys have a favorite goblin??

haha and yes...i do know that there's a school called "Gobelin" :)


  1. Numb's story is really touching =(

    Goblin -> Gobelins that's what passed through my mind when I saw your post in my news feed :P

  2. Love 'em all, but Numb is my fav.

    The same thing that popped into jeaks' head about "Goblin -> Gobelins" happened to me too! Haha!

  3. Can post the Rest of the Crazy old Lady, Please?