Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harry Issue

I've been having some problems with my hair shedding all over the place...

and after all the hair that's been lying around....

a hairball, named Harry, was entangled.

 "Hi. Donna! The name's Harry, Harry Hairball!"
 After day, after day, it just keeps growing.
And now it's getting in my food, if anything it's probably eating it.

It's causing some bigger problems as well...

"Hi, there, you old hag!"


It's even getting caught up into people's personal spaces!

So now I'm at that point, where I need to do something about this.

I've been so swamped with work that I never got the time to get rid of it. 

I suppose I can get rid of it...right now....

But you know, I'm starting to feel something for it.

And I think, "Oh, maybe, I should just leave it be."

 It's not causing any serious's sorta...
 cute in a way.
 Perhaps I can have it around a bit longer.
And besides, that'll just be selfish right?

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