Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life Drawrings

I know I've been telling you guys how I would post up my life drawings some day, and they are! All of these were done this week. I usually go figure drawing at least 2 times a week, but since I missed a whole week during Thanksgiving, I figured I should make up for the lost time and do as many as I can.  I think figure drawing and taking classes has made a huge improvement to my drawing skills along with an understanding of form and story behind each pose and figure.




  1. Dude these are amazing! What are you using for the first few drawings?

  2. The first and the one in red were done with a Tombo pen and the rest were charcoal :)

  3. your characters are great! love them!

  4. Cool! Looks like some of these are costumed/themed sessions...where were those if I may ask??


    1. I'm currently taking a figure drawing class at 3 Kicks Studio and also going to Art Center's open figure drawing workshops.