Monday, June 18, 2012

A Peaceful Sunday

My second Sunday of California has arrived, and I was...bored...haha

I went to a church called YNCC, but I ended up going to their "Young Adult" service. Apparently, there's one for college students, and keep in mind that this church was huge. If this isn't a mega church...then I'm scared to see one or even in drive in it. While I was driving there, I realized that the 110 N. freeway is super confusing and jammed all the time! I definitely prefer the 2 freeway.

Then at night, I had little Disney karoake night with the kids. Love really liked singing to Mulan's "Honor to Us All".

When the kids finished their fight for the fluffy pillow, they finally fell asleep and the night got 10 times more quiet and peaceful except for one. At the corner of my eye, I could see Yepe (my aunt's dog) turning over and rub itself on the ground. Apparently, he gets super hyper at night for no reason. It's funny because all that dog does in the day time is sleep so I guess he's just trying to burn off all his energy into one shot. haha crazy dog. 

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