Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Journal Entries

Summer vacation at Cali!

Starting tonight, I've decided to keep a daily summer journal of what I do in little sketches. I've finally gotten the pressure pen option on my tablet so now drawing in photoshop got 10 times more exciting!

I've been spending much of my time with my little cousins, Love and Lukey, these days, and they are just filled with energy and crazy, imagination. Today, we watched Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The kids and I had a blast. Then at night, Love decided to take out her old bead kit, and organize her tiny, plastic beads of butterflies, flowers, spheres, and leaves in their rightful places. The way Lovey picked up the beads with such care and delicacy was so cute to watch. Then Luke on the other side of the bed, was clinging like a monkey belching out random sayings from movies or tv shows.

I posted up two versions of Love's drawing. I prefer the line drawing over the colored version. I think I might've killed it with the color. How can I fix this problem??

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  1. OMG! they really do look like Luke and Love! I totally love the colored-in version of Love just because I know exactly what she's wearing and makes the drawing that much more real for me. Please please please keep these coming--when I look at these drawings, I feel like they're right next to me...thanks, Donna!