Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introducing Fart Girl!

While my little cousins were playing Spider Ninja (a game that I concocted to occupy the kids), they asked me to draw them and so I did except I doodled a bit. I drew Love bending over and farting, and then I thought, "What if she farted so hard that she could fly?" Eventually, I turned her into Fart Girl, a crime-solving and butt-kicking super hero. I made a little comic about them (which I will show later) and the kids and I had a blast. Luke was Burp Boy and the kids decided to make costumes for themselves. I gotta say, it was quite an exciting and energetic night.

I've only done Love, I mean, Fart Girl's poster, but once I have time I'll work on 
Burp Boy. Sorry Luke! hahah.