Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Love and Luke Characters


I haven't posted in awhile. There's no internet at the apartment that I'm staying so I apologize for the delay.
Yesterday in my Story Development class, I introduced my characters for my new story "The Magic Elevator". I'll repost what I put on my class blog.

My story is called "The Magic Elevator", and it's about how two children stumble upon a magic elevator that can take them to the land of dreams and no rules, and they discover that there is a way to create a "perfect" world.

Here's the cast of the characters.

This is Love. 
She is a nine year old girl who loves to play with her dolls and miniature horses.
She's considered small for her age, but don't let her size fool you. 
She is intelligent, snappy, orderly and awfully mature for her age.
She is never prone to making mistakes, but when she does, she gets around them 
by her cuteness. Of course, this never works on Luke, her older brother, since 
she usually tattle-tales on him. 
She can easily be annoyed and become tempermental, hence
her constant arguments and fights with Luke.
Love's playtime is always filled with laughter, dancing, running, jumping, but when 
it's time to get serious she can instantly calm herself and think. 
Also, rules are rules for Love.
She will do whatever she can to follow them 
even if it means to leave the other person behind. 

Luke is a ten year old boy, who is the older brother of Love.
Luke is a silly, playful and absent-minded character. The poor boy usually becomes Love's
victim when it comes to getting in trouble.  Luke always hopes and strives to be 
on his parents' good side, except he can never really
realize what he's doing wrong. 
He's very talented at being bold and creative, but 
unlike Love, he doesn't know when to be 
serious. Both Love and Luke are persistent characters,
however, Luke can get the most persistent especially when he knows
there's something amazing waiting for him. Between the two, Luke has the 
biggest heart, and always has good intentions. 

This is the Elevator Service Bat. He controls the elevator
and tells the kids how the dreamworld works.

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