Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sheriff Bigs

On Monday, I had my first costumed figure drawing session, and I had a blast! The model was fantastic because he really looked and acted like a cowboy. My instructor advised us to play around with the character design of the model and to tell our own story through our drawings. This is what I exactly love doing, so it was SO much fun. I gotta admit, it was strange at first because I was so used to drawing people with accurate proportions, but I got the hang of it. 

30 second poses

Then onto 5 minute poses:

After awhile, I kinda made a character out of him and I named him Sheriff Bigs.

 He's not exactly the kind of sheriff you would like running the town.
He does whatever he wants to do...
Act like the big boss...

And be a ladies man.

Nonetheless, he likes to take his work seriously and does his best to keep things in order. 

No one really likes to hang out with him

but he still has his poker nights. 

 Even though he could be an annoying, cocky, stubborn, mean cowboy, he's a character with a big heart.


Last night, I came back home and saw Yepe super excited to see me. Delighted to see him all cute, I gave him a nice belly rub and soothing petting session until..he decides to pee right in front of the kitchen door....Oy..

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