Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My New Animal Friend

You know,

ever since I came to LA. I made a ton of beautiful friends. At first, I would think, "Oh, maybe it's too good to be true" or "Maybe they just want to be acquaintances" and all that. But in actuality, those people became my new friends and new additions to my character list that I've been secretly making inside my brain.

However, today, I made a special friend.

. Hahah. We never really formally introduced each other, but it was great having her company while I was drawing. She's an orangutan. I was cold-hearted and saw her as a mere monkey, but as soon as I looked into her eyes, it felt like I was staring at another person.

So what happened was when I was drawing and painting her for an hour or two, my watercolor palette must've caught her attention and made her want to see what I was up to. She plopped herself right in front of me and sat there for like 10 minutes. Eventually, she'd get bored and wander off, but whenever she came near my spot, she would watch me paint again. I mean the situation wasn't that big of a deal, but what made this experience so great was just watching her observe the way I moved my brush and catch her short glances at me. And within those short glances, it made me realize how pure this living creature was.

 I just wish there was more to her life than just being stuck in a cage...

Anywho, Here are some sketches that I did today.
(The ones that were done digitally were done from memory)


It's always a blessing to see God's creations.


  1. Great story, Donna!
    And I love your drawings.

  2. That's pretty cool that she sat facing you. Touching moment. Cool drawings too!