Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh, LA People are so amusing

Haha, I swear LA is just full of surprises. The people here are so creative and weird. (in a good way).

 When I was cafe sketching, a Scottish guy came up to me and my friend, and complimented our drawings. Then he went on talking about his vision for a peaceful world, and kept calling me "goddess, princess, angel, etc".  Due to my short attention span, I couldn't really retain our conversation, but I distinctly remember him talking about how he wrote a song about all the gods of the universe...or something like that. haha All I wanted to do was just draw the guy. My friend did most of the talking. lol

He went away for awhile and came back with a flower necklace for me.... and went on calling me "goddess, princess, angel, etc" again. He called the flowers sacred, but I call them roses. Haha what a funny guy, but I can tell he put so much effort on to it. How sweet :)  But sorry dude, my heart already belongs to my one and only, faithful lover, Jesus Christ.

And just yesterday, I made an orangutan friend, and now this. I can't wait to see what strange phenomena will happen next.

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